Lectures and Articles by David Paterson

Recent Lectures and Articles by David Paterson:

  • The Power of No: Avoiding Pitfalls and Roadblocks in Filmmaking
  • Anatomy of a Short: Taking the Audience from Concept To Completion of a Short
  • Product Placement: (Friend or Foe?)
  • Dealing With Creative Conflict: How To Negotiate When the Writer Is Not the Director
  • Please and Thank You: The Lost Art of Independent Filmmaking
  • Make Art a Part of Your Life: Not Your Life About Your Art
  • When To Self-Censor: Selling Out Or Not Willing To Compromise?
  • Making A $500,000 Movie For 10¢ on the Dollar
  • WTF: There Are No “Happy Accidents” In Indie Filmmaking
  • Film School vs. Taking On The Business: What Are My Options?
  • The Future Of Indie Filmmaking
  • Improv for Idiots: It’s not just for Actors
  • Is There A Market For Shorts?
  • Fall Down, Get up, Laugh: finding humor in hardship
  • Production 101: Know Your Crew, Don’t Hire Family or Friends
  • To Stay On Time-Keep On Budget-Hire Women
  • We Need A Bigger Boat: Finding Additional Funds/resources DURING Production
  • FAITH IN FILM: A turn-on or turn-off for distributors?

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