Stage 32 Interviews with David Paterson has posted 2 webinars they have held with David Paterson.

Short Film Marketing

Here David discusses finding a market for your short film. You’ll learn how to maximize the marketing of your short films. Where and why to submit to festivals and how to get distribution for your short.

Click to view the introduction to the webinar here: Is-There-A-Market-For-Your-Short-Film.

The Ins and Outs of Product Placement

David speaks about the benefits of product placement and the potential downfalls. Product placement can stretch your film-making budget but done wrong it can end up costing you money you didn’t have to spend.

EXTREMELY helpful! Yeah, now I know how to cover 98% of my props and craft expenses. Thanks for the help.” – C. Masi

Find out more in the introduction to this webinar here: Product-Placement-Friend-or-Foe.

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